Passing on the Expertise

Flood welding customer training

One of the benefits of leading the field in flood welding and overlay welding is that we are able to train our own apprentices. They benefit from 25 years of expertise and a secure role in a growing company.

Increasingly our customers have also been turning to us for help in training their own staff in the techniques required to prolong the life of their forging dies. We provide training at our Middlesbrough base or “in-house” at the customer’s premises worldwide, so that our customers can work to the exacting standards that we set ourselves.

The long term advantages for our customers are clear – they can use their own staff to save them valuable time and money and they learn the latest techniques in an ever-changing industry.

Welding and Repair Total Support Package

We also offer our customers a complete welding equipment package, so that wherever they are located they will have the plant needed to carry out all of the die repair processes that we offer. With our total support package it’s possible for our customers to have a total capability in welding and repair of forging dies.

We can go further. We can supply flood welding and overlay alloys from stock, so that our clients have access to all of the raw materials needed to carry out the die repair process.

Pioneer are a one-stop shop for repair of forging dies so we can even tailor a completely unique package to suit the needs of a particular customer. You just need to pick the elements of support that you require. Put us to the test – we’ll provide a totally tailored solution, on time and on budget.

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