Flood & Overlay Welding

Pioneer in the Forging Industry

A forging die will last longer in the hands of experts, and no company has more expertise in repairs to forging dies than Pioneer. In fact, Pioneer has been repairing and improving forging dies for over 25 years.

Forging is one of the most important manufacturing processes for steel products. The cost of forging dies is the single most important variable affecting the cost of forged products. These costs can be reduced by minimizing the use of costly die steels and by extending the lifetime of forging dies.

Pioneer provides a service which not only extends the lifetime of forging dies, it enhances their performance. This means that our clients can produce high quality products at lower unit costs, giving them a competitive edge in the increasingly globalized markets in which they operate.

Traditionally, dies in the forging industry are prepared using expensive hardened and tempered die steel. Die steel forging dies soon begin to wear and require reworking to extend their lifetime, which means that the expensive die steel quickly diminishes with the dies ultimately being disposed of when the die steel has become too thin to work with. Pioneer offers a proven and reliable repair service which is an alternative to disposal of forging dies.

Alternative products such as hardened, tempered and nitrided die steel offer longer die lifetimes although they can suffer from an increase susceptibility to cracking. This enhanced tendency to crack initiation has been shown to arise from the need for a relatively soft back up material. Although the nitride case itself is extremely hard (up to 65 HRC), the material below it is only around 45 HRC. The hardness of the backup material is limited by the need for a tough core of forging die.

The whole process is geared to ensuring that our customers experience minimum disruption whilst gaining the maximum benefit from their reconstituted dies, and the quality of our forging dies is impressive. We work in accordance to ISO 9001/2000 and OHSAS 18001 standards, and Pioneer is a member of the Confederation of British Metalworking (CBM). Our customers know that we never let them down.

Overlay Welding Repairs

We can also bring a worn die back to life using a technique called overlay welding. This is based on the concept of “overlaying” dies instead of completely flood welding a die impression. It uses a process called Demand Arc, unique to Pioneer in the UK, which relies on a very low heat input and fast-freeze droplet transfer weld overlaying.

One of the main benefits of overlay welding is that the low heat input required minimizes dilution and the risk of distortion. The process has proven particularly effective in the reclamation of extrusion dies, shafts, nozzles, liners, tyre acorns and other products requiring low tolerances.

As with every service we offer our customers, our overlay welding service is keenly priced so that our clients receive the very best value for money.

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