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A forging die will last longer in the hands of experts, and no company has more expertise in repairs to forging dies than Pioneer. In fact, Pioneer has been repairing and improving forging dies for over 25 years.

During that time our passion for quality, our competitiveness and customer service has helped us to build an enviable reputation as a market leader in the United Kingdom and further afield, with work carried out in France, Italy, Spain and Germany and in the emerging economies of India, Pakistan, Russia and China.

Pioneer specialise in flood and overlay welding repairs of forging dies and heavy plant repairs. We provide a “one-stop” service with all of the services required for a rapid and successful repair, including CNC machining, under one roof. Based in Middlesbrough in North East England, we are probably the most experienced flood welding operator in the UK. We can boast of a committed and motivated workforce, well known for the quality of their work and innovative ideas. We are always investigating new ways of tackling forging die and equipment repair problems so that we can provide our customers with even longer lifetimes and higher performance.

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